Dear Readers,

Teeth cleaning (ultrasonic scaling / oral prophylaxis) is a simple, painless, routine procedure with no side effects. This procedure is 100% beneficial and not at all hazardous.

Now a days teeth cleaning is done with a vibratory machine called ultrasonic scaler. It just produces 25000 ultrasonic vibrations which gently removes the stains, plaque, calculus and tartar from the superficial layer of teeth. It does not cause any damage as enamel (outermost layer of tooth) is very strong and highly calcified, even more stronger than bone. It's completely safe to do teeth cleaning every 6 months for every individual.

Professional teeth cleaning is recommended because some areas like Subgingival (beneath the gums), Interdental (between two teeth), lingual and palatal surfaces are not accessible with toothbrush. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning does not cause any sensitivity, shifting or spacing of teeth. Besides, overbrushing or harsh brushing damages the enamel and gums. Use of rough toothbrush and abrasive tooth powder is contraindicated.

Teeth whitening procedures (Dental Bleaching) may of course lead to tooth sensitivity, gingival irritation and extrinsic tooth discoloration in some cases. Chemicals are involved in teeth whitening making it harmful whereas ultrasonic teeth cleaning only involves some vibrations and water.

 You cannot remove stains, calculus and tartar with brush. You can only remove plaque which is deposited every 8-12 hours. This is the reason why brushing twice daily is recommended. If teeth cleaning is not done periodically it will result in:

1. GINGIVITIS: Mild to moderate inflammation, swelling, bleeding from gums and oral malodor (halitosis/ bad breath).

Red Inflamed gums compared to healthy gums.

2. RECESSION OF GUMS: Gums start moving away from teeth exposing the cementum (root surface) leading to sensitivity and tooth loosening.

Gingival Recession and exposed root surface

3. PERIODONTITIS: Gums are highly inflamed, more swollen and infected by microorganisms. Bleeding is increased along with oral malodor. There is destruction of gums, periodontal  ligaments and alveolar bone.

4. PATHOLOGIC MIGRATION: Displacement of teeth occurs (especially front teeth) leading to spacing and loosening of teeth. Unfortunately treatment of such diseases do not give excellent results.

Pathologic Migration: Displacement of teeth

So my dear readers do not fear while visiting a dentist for teeth cleaning. Its very beneficial. Visit your dentist every 6 months without any fail (you may call it a regular teeth servicing and maintenance appointment).