This is a routine question that is asked to general physicians after a hospital visit gives patient and his family a long list of dos & don'ts. This is specially after a bypass surgery.

Patient is confused, so is the family.

Let me reassure everyone about advanced technology for bypass surgery bringing Mortality rates to almost less than 1% , which is same as a routine abdominal surgery like gall bladder removal.

Pacemakers have become the size of a capsule and are fitted like doing Angiography procedure, using a major blood vessel of the leg/arm.

Heart attack followed by procedures like Stents to remove blocks, Bypass surgeries to remove more than 2 blocks and Pacemakers to regulate the beats of a pumping heart - All of these should be treated like warnings to lead The New Life taking care of Diet, Exercise,No Smoking, No Exposure to Pollution ( Low levels of Oxygen does Trigger a heart attack , despite every other precaution taken !)

I am concerned about my patient to be as normal as possible without being served reminders of a heart disease through Soups , Salads and other Bland food to be taken everyday for rest of his/her life.

Let us start with the basics.

A spoon of pure ghee/ butter plus a katori of assorted nuts gives us essential amino acids as proteins plus good cholesterol.

Even Normal people do consume a glass of warm water with juice of fresh lemon + spoon of honey everyday in morning on empty stomach. Do take it after heart surgery for the sake of removing plaque and bad cholesterol from blood.

Apple cider vinegar is gaining popularity with people trying to reduce weight. Do take it diluted with warm water or juice every day and look around ,even young people are taking it !

What is the big deal about taking ACV after heart surgery ?

Tomatoes are everywhere all through the year season after every season. Tomato is a rich source of Lycopene ,an important ingredient to repair tissues , to help daily wear and tear.

One can have raw tomatoes as salads for best absorption of vitamins and minerals but some seniors may find it difficult to eat raw tomatoes and they do not want a bowl of tomato soup Every day.

Make a tomato puree. Mix it with cooked moong daal /other daals.It will reduce the gaseous effects of daals.

 Make gravies thicker with tomato puree instead of onions which need lots of oil to get soaked, cooked for curries.

Ginger and garlic are good as they make blood thin , the job  medicines like Aspirin as blood thinners do. Garlic and ginger paste can be used for curries or as an add ons to daals.

Garlic should be eaten raw in the morning. How many of us can chew raw garlic ?

Make pieces of garlic pods , just 2-3 /day. Swallow like capsule in morning on empty stomach. The effect is same but there is no lingering smell of garlic.

Eat every seasonal vegetable and fruit of your choice but avoid juices as the fiber is thrown away and fiber rich fruits do absorb the bad fats from stomach.

I would suggest ,do enjoy the party with pudding served at end but make it a habit of taking an apple,orange or cucumber just after pudding , because the fibers in fruits will absorb fats ASAP within the stomach and take some warm water / coffee but Never a Cold drink with meals as cold drinks do bind with fats ,making their absorption delayed and more fats are absorbed this way.

You do not like milk but it is the only source of B12 vitamin for vegetarians and rich source of proteins.

Dilute toned milk with water in equal amounts , make your favorite beverage like Horlicks, Coffee, Chocolate, Tea or plain diluted milk with elaichi .Use pure black chocolate powder easily available in market by Cadbury , not the diluted chocolate with malt and sucrose meant for growing up kids e g Horlicks etc etc.

Roti-Chawal-Daal-Subji -Dahi.. all allowed like given to a normal human but be careful about the types of oils being used for cooking.

Do refer to my previous article about heart friendly oils.

Live life to full capacity without feeling like a patient and Do Not Give Anyone a Chance or Powers to Treat You like a Patient for their Selfish Interests.

Because after Heart Surgery You are Not A patient But a Renewed Human who will help others Cope with after Effects of a Heart Surgery , Medically, Socially and Legally.

No body dare to write you off after Surgery.

Good Luck and a Normal life to every one Reading this.