You need to know these:-

  1. Excessive Sunlight Exposure without protection creates freckles and eventually isolated dark spots and the key to avoid is use of proper sunscreen and physical protection like using umbrella,Scarf, Hat etc.
  2. Dead skin cells are mostly the cause of not only dullness but also many other skin issues. Exfoliating dead skin cells will prevent the pores and dullness appearance too.
  3. Lack of moisturizer is also a big reason to have uneven skin, Our skin needs hydration during dry season and specially for some one who have a dry skin.
  4. Not drinking enough water also cause dullness throughout any season. Increase the intake of water to get proper hydration.
  5. When your stress level increase the appearance of dullness will also increase. Stress also causes skin issues to flare up regardless of what you're prone to, whether it's acne, psoriasis, or eczema.
  6. You are not sleeping well?  Your skin becomes imbalanced, which leads to a dehydrated complexion, redness, and breakouts. Not only does not getting enough sleep negatively affect your body, it affects the moisture levels in your skin, decreasing them and also lowering your complexion's pH levels, which is why your skin looks less youthful and has less of a glow.
  7. The environment you are in is dirty, next to the sun, pollution is probably the top environmental troublemaker for your complexion, because exposure to chemicals in dirty air can trigger the production of free radicals.
  8. Healthy balanced diet is the most important to have a youth full and glowing skin, the correct balance of foods and you'll feed your skin the vital nutrients, important for normal skin cell development and healthy skin tone.