I am frequently asked questions such as:

'Is it ok if I get my periods twice in the same month?'  (OR) 'Is it okay if I get my periods every 22 days?' (OR) 

'My daughter started getting her period 8 months ago but it's never on time.'  

Well! Here is the answer to all those questions!Like for everything else, the NORMAL values for REGULAR menstrual cycles has been defined on the basis of population graphs. In this post I will be providing you with information which will help you figure if your period is regular or not. 

This will be helpful in two ways

It may put some of you at rest, especially if you are one of those who think her period is abnormal just because it isn't dot on time every month (Phew!)

On the other hand it may be a wake up call for girls / women who assume that 'everything is good as long as aunt flo shows up at some point'!

So, here we go:

To begin with, you need to count your cycle length as the number of days between the first day of bleeding of one period to the first day of bleeding of the next one. 

The following is what is considered REGULAR

1. If YOU are within ONE year of your very first period (called menarche), any pattern is acceptable as normal. This is a part of the transition that girls go through during puberty.

2. If your very first period started between 1 to 3 years ago, then it is OKAY if you get your period anywhere between 21 to 45 days. Your body is still trying to figure out how your hormones work.

3. If you are beyond 3 years from your first period (but not close to menopause), you have regular cycles if they appear between 21 and 35 days.

And therefore, by definition, you have IRREGULAR cycles if:

  • You do not fit into the descriptions above (1,2,3)
  • You have even ONE cycle that is > 90 days long after the 1st year of menarche.

It's all that simple! Until then, take control of your body and enjoy cycling!