Your smile plays a major role in how you perceive yourself, as well as in the impressions you make on the people around you. Surveys have shown that more than any physical feature-eyes, hair, or body-the smile is what both men and women find most attractive in other people. A charming smile can open doors and knock down barriers that stand between you and a fuller, richer life. If on the other hand, you are dissatisfied with your smile, it may be holding you back from fully embracing life and it's opportunities.

Are you ready for a new smile? Perhaps you've wondered whether straighter teeth might help you feel more confident in your professional life, or if a whiter, brighter smile might boost a dwindling social life.

If you're not completely happy with your smile, perhaps it's time to get a new one!


If you are unhappy with your appearance, you already know it. the dilemma lies in determining where you need improvement. Many people erroneously believe that all of their facial defects reside in their smile when, in fact, their flaws may lie elsewhere. In these cases, cosmetic or oral surgery or perhaps just a new hairstyle or updated makeup, rather than dental treatment, may be more helpful.

Take this quiz to know if you need to change your smile:

  1. Are you confident when smiling?
  2. Do you ever put your hand over your mouth when you smile?
  3. Does your photograph look better from one side of your face?
  4. Is there someone you believe has a better smile than you?
  5. Do you look at models in magazines and wish your smile looked like theirs?
  6. When you look at your smile in the mirror, do you see any defects in your teeth or gums?
  7. Do you wish your teeth were whiter?
  8. Are you satisfied with the way your gums look?
  9. Do you show too many or too few teeth when you smile?
  10. Do you show too much or too little of your gums when you smile?
  11. Are your teeth too long or too short?
  12. Are your teeth too wide or too narrow?
  13. Are your teeth too square or too round?
  14. Do you like the the way your teeth are shaped? 

If you've answered "no" to every question except 1, 8, and 14, you are content with your smile, otherwise, its time to change your smile.

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