When pimples get infected acne lesions are occurred on the face. The tendency of acne is basically seen among teenagers and young adults. It creates disgusting blemishes and takes long time for completely curing. But it is the blessing for all acne patients that medical science has brought various acne surgeries which are truly effective to provide fast relief.

Different Types of Acne Surgeries

With advancement of medical science, acne treatment is not confined into topical medicines or drugs. The treatment is flourished from medication to different types of surgeries. Though surgery is the extreme stage when it becomes highly impossible to uproot the acne from the skin and it gets infected repeatedly. But surgeries depend on stage to stage of the condition of acnes. Have a look.

  • Cryo Surgery: The skin condition can be developed after performing cryo surgery on which acne is primarily responsible. In this surgery, local tissues are to be destructed by applying liquid nitrogen directly or strategically. Besides it prevents future growth of acne.
  • Laser Surgery: Laser surgery for acne treatment is not quite popular but it is needless to say that it is very effective for treating acne blemishes. As in this treatment various laser are required it is very costly treatment which is not bearable for all stages of people. But this surgery can eliminate dead and damaged cells and provides smart skin appearance.
  • Excision: Excision is a termed as surgery which is performed by expert dermatologists. Through this surgery infected acne cysts are drained out.
  • Cortisone Injection: Most of the time the infected cysts in the acne are ruptured and cause infection. Though cortisone injection is not a surgery but it is considered as the excision procedure through which the inflammation of the acne can be miraculously reduced by injecting corticosteroid.