Ever wondered that in spite of all the dental care we receive throughout our lives, it’s still possible to end up with cavities, while animals do not care and never seem to have a single tooth concern whatsoever? 

Want to know why?

There are three big reasons why our animal friends are able to avoid the visit to Dentist 

  1. Diet: Just give choices to people about food preferences. Many will end up asking for pizza, burgers, or similar highly processed and sticky diet which is the main cause for decay in teeth. Caries is the disease of civilization. We should try to change our lifestyle from fruit juices to eating whole fruit with its roughage value.Animals do not process food before eating . They eat it raw, as natural fresh fibrous and raw food automatically cleans the teeth in animals.
  2. Their Microbacterial Flora: The other big reason animals teeth are cavity-free Just like a human’s, animals mouth is full with some good and some bad bacterias. In humans and animals, the main cavity-causing culprit is a bacterium known as Streptococcus mutans. Animals never consume lot of sticky carbohydrates, their mouths aren’t flooded with this specific bacterium. The result, then, is fewer cavities. 
  3. Life span: One reason is that most toothed animals live much shorter life spans,as compared to humans who have prolonged longevity with new geriatric health challenges. They don't sticky and highly processed diet . They don't drink beverages. They don't Smoke or chew Gutkha. Sharks and other few rodents get many teeth during their lifetime and get them cleaned by others e.g. birds cleaning crocodiles teeth. 

You Can Have a great smile: In short you can have a great smile and healthy teeth by changing your life style as having natural fresh fibrous and raw food after your normal diet and consult your dentist for preventive checkups and remedial action for early lesions. We Care for Your smile