Here are some facts about oral health you might not know:

  • Lt Gen (Retd) Dr Vimal Arora who was honorary dental surgeon to the President of India says that the age old statement that brushing twice is enough for good oral health is no longer true. If it was so, it would have eradicated the dental diseases in at least over 50% of the population.
    Dentistry today is a part of the overall health of a person. "Pregnant women with gum disease generally give birth to low birth weight babies. Patients with gum diseases and diabetes together are said to suffer from periodontal advanced gum disease and it gets difficult to control diabetes. There is also a positive correlation between poor oral health and heart diseases," said Dr. Arora.

Wisdom Teeth, the third molar-

  • There are three molars in each side of our oral cavity for the upper jaw and lower jaw. Of these three, the first molar erupts in the oral cavity at 6 yrs of age.
  • It is an important tooth so we should take care of it as soon asit erupts in our mouth that is at 6 yrs of age.
  • The most problematic of these molarsis the Third molar. It is also called as the "Wisdom Tooth" though no wisdom comes out of it.
  • Usually Third molars or Wisdom tooth erupts at 20 - 25 yrs of age and is usually associated with considerable pain and swelling.
  • Sometimes they don't erupt at all and at times they erupt half way through into the oral cavityand stay as it is.
  • These Half Erupted Third molars are called Impacted Third Molars and may cause destruction of the adjacent Second molars due to caries or bone loss.
  • Most symptomatic (that is pain and swelling) Third molars canbe treated with Antibiotics and Analgesics but some do require a Minor Surgery.
  • Third Molar Impaction Surgery is very safe and is carried out under Local Anaesthesia without pain.
Dentures or False Teeth
  • Complete Dentures are generally known as "False Teeth".
  • Dentures are important when a person loses her/his complete set of teeth due to old age or other reasons.
  • When natural teeth are lost, dentures take their position.
  • Dentures can be removable or fixed.
  • Fixed Complete Dentures are worn on implants that are placed surgically in the jaw bone in the mouth. 
  • Removable Dentures should not be worn while going to sleep as it may harm the gums.
  • Removable Dentures should be cleaned each day in the morning and after every meal to reduce accumulation of germs.
For Healthy Teeth

  • Make sure to rinse thoroughly after every meal. This will reducethe acid producing food particle and keep dental caries at bay.
  • Brushing at night and after breakfast will rid you of dental caries