My back tooth was extracted due to decay and pain, when I was growing up. Is it important to replace this tooth? How does it affect, after all it is just one back tooth not even visible during speech.

Let’s talk about it in detail. Here is a list of problems that a person can have due to missing teeth:

  1. Shift in the position of adjacent teeth: Our teeth are in the position because they are supported by adjacent and opposing teeth to stay in the position. If a tooth is missing, it can cause changes in adjacent teeth angulations + opposing teeth can grow down.
  2. Spacing in teeth: Spacing always been a problem in cases of missing teeth were not replaced, which can further affect aesthetic and bite.
  3. Gums problem: The Gum problems increase after a few years due to change in inclination and position of teeth and food lodgement between teeth. The gum disease for long period may loosen teeth.
  4. Teeth cavities/decay: Food accumulation due to spacing can lead to tooth decay.
  5. Predisposition to joint disorders: Joint soreness, headaches may be seen due to disturb bite and disturb eating efficiency.
  6. Loss of integrity of dentition.
  7. Likelihood of fracturing fillings more often

All these disturb integrity of dentition. Just because of one tooth, you probably think is missing and is not doing any harm, might take you to the land where saving adjacent or opposing teeth will not be a simple procedure and will involve complex treatments.

This critical situation can be avoided if you regularly visit your dentist who can guide you well about different Teeth Replacement options that are available. So hurry before it’s too late.