Breathe & stretch right

If you think you cannot go wrong with Yoga, think again. Yoga experts caution against holding your breath as this deprives your body of oxygen, thereby making the exercise ineffective. Practice relaxed, normal breathing in the initial stages of yoga. Once you are comfortable with this pattern, hold your breath to a tolerable level before exhaling.

Running on the right track

When done right, running is one of the best ways to meet your daily dose of exercise. But getting this wrong can lead to ruptured knee joints for life. Ensure that your body is relaxed; take easy strides when running.

Skip away your calories

No amount of skipping will help you lose weight when done wrong. Get it right by maintaining a distance of 3-4 inches between your feet. Keeping your feet too close or too far could harm your leg and thigh muscles. Jump lower; the lower you jump the more effective your exercise will be. Look in front of you while skipping and remember to keep your shoulders, neck, and body straight throughout the routine.

Scaling Mt. Stair

Although climbing stairs is quite a task, the benefits you reap are worth it. Studies show that the best way to climb stairs is by maintaining a steady rhythm and taking a 30-second break between two flights of stairs. Taking two stairs at a time can be dangerous. Keeping your torso straight will help you gain momentum. Do it right and feel the difference! Get connected with best Nutritionist to lose weight. 

Effective exercising is not about losing weight. It's about getting fit and looking fabulous, every single day of the year! So, get your workout right and get gorgeous!