Do's in weaning foods:

1.Start weaning foods from 6 months of age

2.Initially give liquid food other than milk like diluted rice kanji, vegetable boiled water, diluted fruit juices then mashed fruits and vegetables

3.Give same type of food at least for 5-7 days,so that your baby likes and accept new foods gradually, then move to other

4.Start hand mashed solids from 7 month onwards like idly mashed with sambar, dal rice, upma, kichadi, sambar rice one by one, can add few drops of ghee

5.By 7-8 months, baby should take morning tiffin, noon meals and night tiffin or rice as preferred... given everything in rotation along with good snacks at 11 am and 5 pm like fruits, vegetables, rice or ragi kanji,biscuits etc.,

Dont's in weaning process

1.Don't delay starting weaning foods for social, health reasons, ignorance, anxiety, wrong guidance etc

2.Don't follow same or few type of food, fruits, vegetabls assuming your baby likes that

3.Avoid more milk/ liquid servings after 7 months...should be more solids and semisolids

4.It's false belief that new type of food causes loose stools or cold...rarely can cause allergy.... Gut infection is due to mouthing habits,and cold due to virus or bacteria 

5.Do not assume once a new food was vomits or spits baby doesn't like that food,for a baby to like and accept any new food it should be given multiple times with little flavour,consistency or texture change