Many people who aren't aware of the consequences of not repairing chipped or broken teeth, who are fearful of what restored teeth may look or feel like, choose to let their damaged teeth simply go unrepaired. A damaged tooth can be saved and repaired to look and feel like the real thing- perhaps even better. There are several treatment options available.

When a tooth gets chipped or fractured, the first consideration must be whether the pulp (tooth nerve) the vital, living portion of the teeth damaged. If a fracture is sensitive, painful, or uncomfortable, it may be because the pulp is exposed. Ultimately, the condition of the pulp and the amount of remaining tooth structure will determine the choice of treatment.

  • Minor fractures: Such as small chips off the biting edges of the teeth are usually simple to repair. If the chipped off tooth is of sufficient length, it may be cosmetically recontoured so no one tooth stands out from the rest.

  • Serious fractures: Which are often caused by accidents are best treated with the least amount of additional stress possible. If the serious fracture lines lie within dentin and closure to the pulp wait and watch can be done whether the pulp has got damaged or not. If the pulp involved root canal than treatment is carried out.

  • Vertical fracture: If the teeth have vertical fracture the tooth has to be extracted.