The day belongs to married women and there is no harm in keeping a fast for one day from morning till the evening when Moon is seen as a curve. Women collect together before Sunset dressed in finery as a New Bride and listen to Katha ( the folk tale ) about Significance of a Woman, keeping a fast ,so that Her Husband gets a Renewed Life,after everyone has given up on him as being alive.

The women collect with a Covered tray of goodies to be given as a Present to Mother In Law.

So the Day belongs to Mother In Law also who has taken pains to Raise the Son, the Husband who has to be worshiped at par with God. The day belongs to kids of couple also.

There is No place for Widows or abandoned women in our society.

Debate is going on about Triple Talaq among Muslims but Hindu Men do get married minus Divorce to show off their Macho spirit and these men are helped by none other than Happily Married women who give Sanctity to 2nd but Illegal Marriage under Hindu Law. Let there be a Uniform Civil Code as An Abandoned woman Minus Education/ skill to earn cannot be on her Own and in a position to say- Damn !

At Least help each other as Women if Not Today but Everyday.

There should be No Comparisons about designs of Mehndi /Sarees/ Bridal Outfits/Gifts to be given to MIL/ or being Jealous Shown in any other way like- Meri saree uski Saree se Safed Kyon?

If sitting among a group of women Focus only on Well Being of Husband , kids and Family.

Women do go Out of the way Everyday To Ensure Safety of Jobs of their Life Partners, putting own life At STAKE, working in unsafe Chauvinistic world.

And A Happy Woman is the One Who Does Not Believe in Comparisons.

 Focus Has to Be Own Thali with its Goodies and there should be no time to look around other Thalis under Circulation while doing Puja for well being of Husband and His Family.

It is a Kind of MEDITATION, while thalies are taking turns to get exchanged among other women

This Should be the Mantra for life of any woman- No Comparisons, Focus on Home which is the First Temple.

No Feminism for Today, though the Mother of daughter too deserve a Pat for raising her daughter and making her Capable to Look after the Entire Clan of In laws.

Certain things are to be felt without speaking.

 Do Not Get Labeled for Being a Feminist. No Isms please as it reminds us of Terrorism !