Having been accustomed to an on the go lifestyle for days and months, it’s pretty hard to monitor what we take in our diets and more so, when we aren’t really paying attention to it. Most people think that a tonic or an additional vitamin tablet will make up for their nutritional elements lacking in the diet but we are afraid to burst that bubble of yours with this article. But before moving ahead, let’s get to know the elements of an ideal diet first.

What is A Balanced Diet? 

A balanced diet is a combination of diet that includes all the nutritional elements that is required by your body in an appropriate amount. The primary elements of any balanced diet are namely, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals with appropriate amount of roughage and water that can aid the digestion process as well as help the body fulfill its energy requirements. Often people take tonics, but scientifically, no chemically synthesised tonic can make up for the natural replenishment you can get through a well balanced diet from organic and natural sources. And this is the primary reason why your regular physician or Ayurvedacharyas ask you to take a proper diet.

Dietary Elements That Rejuvenate Your Body

Now that you’ve known how important it is to not only monitor your diet but include natural sources of all the five dietary elements in it, let’s get started with specific dietary elements that can rejuvenate your body while you’re on the go!

Fruit Infused Hydration Sources 

While on the go, a huge predicament for your body is how to stay hydrated and of course, putting reminders to drink water at certain intervals isn’t a very practical approach to be honest. In such a predicament, the tastiest way to remind yourself to consume your hydration is by infusing some freshly cut fruits, preferably citrus ones, in your water bottle and hit the roads. This will ensure not only your hydration throughout the day but you’ll be actually looking forward to drink more of it.

Green Leafy Vegetables and Fresh Fruits

Including fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet will not only take care of your digestion but shall help you gain the additional nutritional elements including the micronutrients and essential minerals that can be found in them. 

Whole Grains and Cereals

While fast and junk food choices appear to be tempting, including whole grains and non-refined flours in your diet helps you with your diet. It not only keeps your stomach full but is a healthy option for your staple dietary choices. WIth grains and cereals, you also get multiple options to recreate recipes in a healthy style.

Dry Fruits and Munch On Snacks

Having something to munch on while you’re deep engrossed in your work is always a pleasant thing. However, we often resort to unhealthy street food to quench that minor hunger in between meals. Hence, we recommend you to keep a small box of dry fruits and healthy snacks to munch on if you don’t want to feel guilty for an unhealthy choice of meals in-between meals.