An abnormally low sexual desire is a health condition and disease that needs to be treated by a certified and registered sexologist and medical practitioner. There are a number of ways through which you can improve your sexual health. Lifestyle changes including regular exercise that helps you overcome stress and obesity and provide for better libido and sexual desire. There are also certain foods that you can make a part of your diet and can enjoy the sexual health benefits they provide. Here are some foods that will help you possess good health including sexual health, and will make your married life more enjoyable and satisfactory.


Research suggests that walnuts not only improve the health of the heart but are also good for sperm quality. Walnuts improve the vitality, movement, and shape of the sperm. You can make this readily available food a part of your diet and be more fertile.

Raspberries and Strawberries

Zinc is one of the essential elements for the functionality and development of male sex organs. Zinc deficiency is a cause of reduced and low sperm count and sexual organs including testes may fail to grow sufficiently when there is a deficiency of it. Zinc is also responsible for producing important sexual hormones including prolactin and testosterone. A leading and best sexologist in Delhi often prescribes zinc supplements for improving the sexual health of patients. Fortunately, fruits like raspberries and strawberries have high amounts of zinc and improve your sexual health on multiple counts.


Almonds relax the blood vessels through arginine that improves blood circulation. Almonds are also a source of quality amino acids that provide for the firm and lasting erections.


Now there is one more reason for you to enjoy your favorite chocolates! Dark chocolate consumption provides for the release of hormones including serotonin and certain endorphins that improve stamina and mood and lessen stress. The overall effect is that you can perform better during intercourse and in bed.

Certain other foods, including watermelon and avocados, are also found to offer good health benefits and provide for better sexual desire and libido. An experienced and best sexologist in Delhi has for you credible and safe treatments to help you overcome your sexual problems and infertility.