Foot complications are one of the most common complications in Diabetic Patient.
The Lifetime risk of developing foot ulcer is 15% to 25%.
Approximately 20%  patients of DFU  result in Amputation.
50% of Patients undergone amputation will develop ulcer with infection in contralateral leg with infection in 18 months.
58% will have contralateral amputation 3 to 5 years subsequent to 1st amputation.
3 year mortality rate after 1st amputation  is between 20 to 50%

                                            Pathogenesis of Diabetic foot

Multi-factorial and Complex 

Neuropathy :-  Damage to the Peripheral  Nerves leads to Pain and later on complete loss of sensation in foot. This  can cause injury to the foot which may go unnoticed and lead to ulcer formation, infection, gangrene and  amputation. 

Damage to motor nerves can lead to atrophy of muscles of foot and thereby change in bio mechanics of foot . This can cause increase  in pressure on some parts of foot where thickening of skin( callous) , Ulceration and infection can occur.

Damage to autonomic nerves leads to decrease in sweating and formation of cracks on the heel of the foot which again can become a source of infection.

Vasculopathy : Peripheral arterial disease is very  common in diabetic patients which reduces blood supply to the foot . This can make ulcer difficult to heal . 

Immune dysfunction : Decreased immunity makes you prone to infection and biochemical changes in body. 

Infection :- Diabetes makes your feet more susceptible  to infection.

Prolonged Hyperglycemia contributes to all the above factors through different mechanisms so keeping your blood sugar in normal limits is very important. Diet and exercise and medications help you to control your blood sugar.

Ask your Doctor to examine your feet . Early treatment can prevent many serious complications.

Take care of your foot as you take care of your face.

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