Detox diets are becoming increasingly popular, but we need to understand that instead of following fads which never gives long lasting results, we should follow a detox routine. 

10 easy points you need to inculcate in your lifestyle

  1. Have a glass of lukewarm water after you get up in the morning. In summers add a teaspoon of lemon and in winters a teaspoonful of honey can be added
  2. Make it a point to add alkaline diet in your breakfast like fresh fruits (apple, pomegranate), vegetables (carrots, leafy vegetables), nuts and oil seeds(almonds, coconut, sesame) etc. Alkaline foods are good anti oxidants and thereby keep diseases and ageing at bay
  3. Have small sips of water at regular intervals. This will keep you hydrated making you look young, active and fresh
  4. Lunch/dinner should include dal, green vegetable, chapati and rice. This should neither be too spicy nor too oily as  excess of oil and spics weakens the liver which is the principle detoxifying organ in the body
  5. Most importantly whenever possible one should minimise the consumption of foods containing preservatives, artificial flavours and other chemical agents as these chemicals are nothing but toxins to our system 
  6. Exercise regularly as per your age, ability and stamina. Warm up and cool downs are a must to keep you  going and avoid any injuries. 
  7. Instead of depending on tea or coffee for instant energy include other healthier options like thin lassi sweet/ salted, lemonade, roohafza in milk/water. These drinks favour the digestive system and provide energy
  8. Being happy and stress free is the biggest detox. Remembering the evanescence of life and bestowing ourselves in the feet of the almighty grants liberation from everything
  9. Having a sound sleep rejuvenates and refreshes not only our brain but the entire body which cracks a whip on each and every toxin and removes it efficiently
  10. Be creative and cook up interesting meals for your family to avoid monotony. Enjoying food at a good eating house can be done fortnightly.

Having a routine which suites you as per your time and need is the one that does the play.