Detox is a word which now gets instant attention. But the truth is , the body has its mechanisms to detox itself periodically when we rest with the liquids we drink and with fibres in our diet! Being mindful of our diets and our body constitutions is important. 

A simple detox drink I love to do : 8 glasses of warm water 8 slices of cucumber ( not peeled) 3 slices of lemon ( not peeled ) 1 teaspoon of saunf or a few mint leaves. Prepare this and let it sit for a hour. Through the day ( every 2 hourly ) , drink this ! Cucumber adds fibre to the day . You can add this in your salad once the water is consumed ! Lemon cleanses and gives a shot of vitamin C !Saunf is a good digestive ! Mint adds the zing !!!