Do our teeth really matter to us ?

Is our mouth only a route to the stomach, or an organ to satisfy our hunger pangs or to feed or irresistible gluttony. Or do our teeth do some visible talking. Doesn’t that lovely smile convey a thousand messages, and those glistening teeth make some eyes sparkle.

That's the beauty of a healthy dentition and oral cavity. So why are we in this discussion what is it that I am trying to convey.

Here’s an incident to narrate, I just had a patient drop into my OPD with a request to get some teeth replaced. OH! What a poor oral hygiene, brutally destroyed dentition and some missing teeth too. On asking few questions i realised he was least bothered about his dentition. The teeth were just meant for chewing as long as all present or a few gone. This person had knocked off every tooth that troubled him of pain. It was just a “no time factor”or the shear fear of a painful treatment.

Is this ignorance or mere laziness . Why is a dentist thought of only after a painful episode? Why is the society reluctant to undergo the best of treatment? Why don’t we invest in our 32 pearls?

Lets us take a walk on the road to dentistry. With the changing scenario and advancement in technology it has an array of services  to offer. A solution to every problem faced in the past. Right from Implants to Lasers, clear aliners to smile designing, dental treatment is no more a subject of pain.

Have a missing tooth opt for an implant. People have metal lodged in their knees, hips, arms, heart. Then why fear this tiny screw that helps you get back your lost tooth.

Surgery of the gums, lips, cheek, tongue  can be easily done with lasers, what a painless and bloodless experience and a bonus faster healing too!

The traumatic braces, oh no never! The recently launched clear aligner make teeth alignment a pleasurable experience.

Root canal therapy too has become painless and faster with rotary instruments. There are many more technically advanced facilities available in modern dental treatment, why not ask for it.

A beautiful smile is not a virtue of a celebrity or some model. It has to be seen on every lip. Imagine you being greeted by a sparkling smile right in the morn. Wow! What a day to begin. So why not respond with the same sparkle.

Dentistry has moved a long way in providing painless treatment options and many more different choices of therapies thus making life easy. Its just the time to give your dentition that high five and smile back at it.