Nowadays,in our day to day practice , we get to see 90% of people coming with having either cavities or Gum problems.

Now when they come their obvious question is, "Doc, why does this happens?"

According to them, they are taking good care of their teeth.

They don't chew much on sugary stuff.

They don't have any bad habits.(Like chewing pan, tobacco, gutkha)

They brush their teeth.

So all and all, according to them, nothing should cause any dental issue, be it cavities or gum related issues..

Above are the things generally, a person really thinks that are sufficient to have a good oral and dental health.

But it's not sufficient.

Generally , being a dentist , I have seen maximum no. of people :

1) Brush their teeth only once a day.

2)They don't floss their teeth.

3) Have food which is rich in carbohydrates and sugar

4)Fibrous food is almost out of the plate nowadays.

5)Important is, Do not visit the dentist till they have very severe pain in their teeth or gums.

Now, my take or rather all the dental fraternity would agree on this is, every person should have at least one dental visit in a year,whether you have pain or not.

Visit your dentist wherever you are at least once a year.

Your dentist can better understand your dental needs even before you yourself realize it and have a severe situation which might have severe repercussions on your dental or oral health.