All that a Mom should know about oral health care to maintain her baby’s set of Pearly Whites: 

Ø    Right time to begin brushing baby’s teeth –as soon as the 1st tooth erupts. After feeding use a damp gauze or cloth gently wipe the mouth of any residue left behind. Use either an over the finger brush or a soft bristled brush for infants to clean the teeth.Initially use a wet toothbrush and slowly move to kid’s toothpaste.

Ø    CHOOSING A TOOTHPASTE FOR KIDS –  Nowadays fluoridated toothpaste for kids in very small quantity i.e rice grain sized is recommended. ·    Watermelon/ bubblegum/ strawberry flavors can increase the kid’s interest towards brushing.

Ø    BRUSHING TECHNIQUE –·       Teach your kids to brush using a small circular motion. Brush twice daily. Make it a game or sing a song to encourage brushing. Tooth brushes are now available with music or lights or cartoon figures to make brushing more fun.

Ø TIPS TO MAINTAIN GOOD ORAL HYGIENE –Apart from brushing it is important to cleanse the mouth in between the meals.

  1. Do not put infants to sleep with milk formula or juice as sugary liquids cling to teeth and cause decay.
  2. Avoid pacifiers as they change the shape of the mouth and cause improperly placed teeth.
  3. After giving medicine and eating sweet like chocolates,ice-cream etc. encourage kids to wash mouth with water or clean with a damp cloth for infants. 
  4. Get fluoride treatment done every 6 months from dentist for prevention of caries.


 They are important for maintaining the oral health  .

 They determine the shape of mouth and alignment of permanent teeth.

tips given by expert 

Dr.Puja Bansal.