Dental scaling & polishing is a routine dental procedure aimed at reducing bacterial load in mouth and removing the hard set tartar which your regular brushing cannot remove.

Whom is it recommended for?

Accumulation of tartar on teeth Every person has some amount of plaque buildup which harbors several bacteria. These bacteria can cause gum infection and tooth decay. Dental cleaning is generally recommended for everyone to promote gum and bone health.

1. People with gum disease, tartar build up (periodontitis) are especially benefited by this procedure.

2. People who have bleeding gums should undergo a professional tooth cleaning.

3. Any person with bad breath must also undergo teeth scaling.

How is scaling performed?

Scaling is frequently performed with the help of ultrasonic machine which removes the deposits on teeth. These deposited are very hard and cannot be removed by normal brushing. It can also be performed for deeper areas like between gums & teeth to remove tartar. If the cleaning is deep it is called as root planing. Your doctor can give a tooth polish post scaling this can make your look teeth shiny and delay plaque accumulation.

Does it hurt?

Dental scaling is generally a comfortable procedure. However few people may experience tooth sensitivity. In such cases the doctor can give a local anesthesia to perform the procedure. It might require more than one sitting.

How is the feeling afterwards?

You can expect some sensitivity to cold and hot food after scaling. This will subside in next 2-3 days after teeth cleaning. You can also use desensitizing toothpaste to attain relief. It is essential to keep gums and teeth free from plaque buildup. Your dentist will schedule a second a visit to examine the gums, and to ensure gum healing.

How frequently is it recommended?

Depending on your oral care your doctor can advise a cleaning once in six months or a year.

Untold benefits of scaling:

1. It is known to be good for heart: studies have shown poor mouth health to be associated with cardiac disorder.

2. Good oral hygiene may help control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

3. It increases bone health and thus prolongs life of tooth in mouth.

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