A few years back, doctors used to treat the damaged teeth with root canals, dentures or bridges. However, these procedures did more harm to the adjacent teeth rather than supporting the damaged tooth.

Dental Bridge, causing harm to adjacent teeth

 Root canal fails, dentures fall and the bridges require the adjacent teeth to be cut down. To overcome all these unsuccessful procedures,dentists came up with dental Implants.


Dental implants are metal posts or screw that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, they allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth(cap) onto them.

Implant tooth: As real as Natural tooth

Although getting dental implants is the most effective procedure for smile correction and tooth replacement, many people are still hesitant about receiving dental implants in India. This is due to various myths and misconceptions they come across about the dental implantation surgery.

Misconceptions lead you orthodox and outdated

Here are some facts that will bust the myths that people believe, regarding the dental implants.

Myth #1: Dental Implants Are Painful

Fact: This is completely untrue. Dentist performs implant surgery under local anesthesia  with no pain to the patient. An experienced oral surgeon will follow a less complicated procedure and perform a comfortable tooth implantation, offering a wide range of anesthesia options to suit the needs and preferences of patients.

Myth #2: Tooth Implantation Is Risky

Fact: Dental implant technology has an evolution history of around more than 50 years, with an overall success rate of about 95% (up to 98% if they are cared for properly). An experienced dental practitioner will carefully perform the implantation procedure to avoid any complications. You just need to choose the right and experienced dentist.


Myth #3: Dental Implants Are Too Pricey

Fact: The initial costs of implants are higher than other alternative solutions like bridges and dentures, but the results are greater, too. The fact is that dental implants are the most permanent solution. Bridges, on the other hand, only last for a maximum 6-7 years. Considering this fact, the repeated treatments for dental bridges or dentures will cost much more than dental implants in the long run.

Myth #4: It Takes Too Long to Heal Dental Implant Surgery

Fact: This doesn’t prove right for all. The complete healing time for the dental implant surgery spans from 1 day to 6 months. It varies from patient to patient. In fact, many patients these days are also opting for same day implants also known as immediate loading implant.

Myth #5: It Involves Special Care and Maintenance

Fact: This is a totally baseless. The fact is that dental implants do not require extraneous removal, cleaning or any maintenance hassle. You just need to take care of your implants as you do with your natural teeth. Simply brush, floss, and go for regular dental check-ups.

Myth #6: Implants Are Clearly Visible

Fact: This is quite a common misconception that dental implants get easily noticed. But the fact is that implants are the best option for a natural looking smile. Your implants may look so real that people won’t be able to notice it unless YOU reveal it to them. There are also chances that they don’t believe your words even after you yourself have admitted it. However, it also depends upon the dentist as well as the quality of components used. Zirconia cap over the implant results in almost 99% natural looking tooth.

Myth #7: All Dental Implant Treatments Are the Same

Fact: Not all dentists are the same. And not every dentist performs quality dental implant treatments. Beware those who may offer you extremely cheaper prices for low standards of components and implants. Make sure to check their clients’ profiles, testimonials, reviews and ratings, too. Your teeth are integral to your health, so you need to ensure they’re in the right hands!

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