A dental implant is basically used to replace a missing tooth. Once it is placed, it becomes a part of your jaw bone. Implant is a titanium screw which is a noble material and it does not cause any harm.

Implants are safe and a very good option of treatment. If you maintain them well they stay for very long duration. Dental implants are permanent option for replacement. They are latest method of replacing. Before introduction of dental implants, bridges and removable dentures used to replace the missing teeth but after introduction of implants, they have become more permanent solution of replacement. There are lots of options available for replacement. Today in this blog we will discuss why implant is the best option for replacement. 

Implant Supported dentures

Implants are highly beneficial for the patient who do not have teeth at all to make bridges.Now a days with the help of implants, dentures can be fixed permanently to your jaw bones. Loose dentures are the major concern in old age. They are not able to eat properly.  So implants are boon for them. They improve not only their chewing efficiency but also their confidence also as implant fix their dentures which further reduces the chances of loose dentures while speaking.

Success Rate 

Dental Implants are not indicated for each and every person. They are contraindicated in few situations like if level of bone in jaw is not enough to anchor the implant apart from this, it is contraindicated in smokers and patient with uncontrolled diabetes. Hence you should consult your dentist, he or she will decide implant placement is possible or not in your case. Bone level can be decided with a three dimensional X ray. If diagnosis and treatment plan is done properly then dental implant failure rates reduce. Another thing that you should take care to increase the life of your implant by maintaining proper oral hygiene. If you brush twice a day and floss regularly then definitely chances of implant failure get reduced. Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene, one should visit his or her dentist once in six months so that your dentist can do a proper check up for your implant.