Titanium dental implants

What are titanium implants?

They are a screw like objects that are placed under the gums into the alveolar bone located in the jaws(mandible or maxilla).They help us in replacing your teeth as these screws aid in supporting the crown (the visible part of the tooth) once they osseointegrate into the jaws.

What do implants do?

Dental implants integrate into your jaws thus providing support for a crown which is fabricated in the lab by a dental technician. Dental implants can also be used to support a denture which goes a long way in helping the patient chew & speak.Implants are gaining popularity due to their comfort, cost & post-operative success.

How do they work?

Patients usually prefer dentures and bridges as these are cost-effective & comfortable to them but if there is bone resorption gum infections or ulcers they are not suitable to serve the purpose. Bridges are placed between the teeth in the edentulous area (the place where there is a place left by the missing tooth) where the adjacent teeth need to be prepared to lead to loss of tooth material.In a dental implant, no adjacent tooth in affected as they take support from the bone underneath.

Popular types of implants- Endosteal  — are surgically placed directly into the jawbone.