FAQ's & FYI's for all Dental Patients

This article will focus on facts which must be known to each & every Dental Implant Patient

1. What exactly is Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a simple Titanium ( or Zirconium also ) screw that is submersed in place of your missing tooth.

Please note that the tooth shape structure which is visible is called "Crown" and is attached to the Implant via an Abutment, both of these cost extra.

2. Is Dental Implant Permanent?

We must understand that our body is build in such a way that it rejects anything which it detects as a foreign body. A titanium Implant is almost undetected by the body as a foreign body, but still rejection can happen at any point in life. Another major factor for failure is bacterial infection. Though a nicely placed Implant, along with proper dental hygiene can easily last longer than 15 years.

3. Does the Brand of Dental Implant Matters?

These days we have more than 300 companies manufacturing Dental Implants. But The Quality of the Implant is Decided by (a) " Quality of Titanium" (b) " Surface of the Implant" & (c)"R&D of the company". Obviously the companies selling at a higher price tag have bigger R&D's plus they have a bigger brand value to protect. Hence One should prefer using Dental Implants of Multi National Companies with a good track record. For e.g 'Nobel Biocare' , 'Straumann', 'Osstem' , ' Bredent', 'Alpha-Bio', etc

4. Opting for surgery with Surgical Guide is a good option?

Absolutelyone must understand that like any other surgery, Implant surgery is also prone to human error, as dental surgeons are also humans and even the best might make a mistake unintentionally due to human factors. Surgical guide restricts the incorrect placement of an Implant, Hence it reduces the chances of failure by a very high percentage. Saving precious time that can go wasted in case of Repeat Surgeries.

5. Importance of Good Dental Crown on Implants

The Scientific Quality of the dental crown is the most underestimated factors in Implant Dentistry. One must understand that the Dental Crown is the actual functional are of the Implant, Hence all types of forces that are exerted while chewing or biting are in turn forwarded to the submerged screw, Hence your Dentist must be an Expert in Dental Crown Designing ( Prosthodontist). This will ensure that you have a nice experience after getting the treatment and also ensure the longevity of your Dental Implant.