Dear Readers,

Today we live in a generation where we are well advanced, highly educated, techno savvy, overall - wise and well aware and are responsible individuals. Nowadays we all lead a well planned life, both professional as well as personal.

In recent times, the most planned moment is the moment of having a baby, of being pregnant. WOW! such a wonderful feeling for the MOM TO BE & for the DAD TO BE!

Imagine we plan so many big and small things to welcome our little bundle of joy. But wait a minute, are we really planning for a good health for the child and the mother?

To some extent maybe yes! We do blood checkups, physical examination, eat healthy, stay fit, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, take mineral supplements, good timely routine etc, but what about the mother's ORAL HEALTH?

How many moms to be have visited a dentist before planning for your pregnancy? The number is negligible to almost zero in India. WHY?

Simple answer is - Due to lack of awareness

In this article let me take an opportunity to make you a bit aware why good oral health is important during and after pregnancy.

1) Firstly you need good healthy teeth to eat and digest good food during pregnancy, lactation (breast feeding) and rest of your life. Remember the process of digestion begins in the mouth and not in the stomach or intestine. So proper chewing and digestion is a must especially during pregnancy because many mothers face the issue of stomach bloating and heartburn. So make your teeth capable of chewing properly before planning for pregnancy.

2) Due a roller coaster of changing hormones all the toothaches and gum conditions (gingivitis) begin to worsen during pregnancy. Pregnancy temporarily places women in an immunocompromised state so they become susceptible to all types of infections.

3) Pregnancy itself does not cause gingivitis but aggravates the severity of gingival changes. These changes may include:

a. Severe bleeding from gums

b. Enlarged or swollen gums

c. Discolored or raspberry like gums

d. Yellowish discharge from gums

e. Tooth mobility

f. Pregnancy tumor: It is tumor like gingival enlargement but not a neoplasm. Its not a cancerous lesion.All mothers face variable severity of gingivitis depending on the variable increase of hormones (progesterone and estrogen).

A pregnant woman who has healthy gums will not face any of the above mentioned conditions.

4) Drug Therapy: It is contraindicated as drugs can affect fetus by diffusion across placenta during pregnancy and during lactation drugs may enter breast milk and get transferred to the nursing infant.

5) No treatment can be done during pregnancy except oral prophylaxis and simple restorative procedures. If any of the teeth start paining., the mother has to suffer almost entire pregnancy and during nursing too.

6) Genetic dental caries: A mother may pass on her poor oral health to her baby right in her womb. Dental caries (tooth decay) is genetically transferred. 

So dear MOMS TO BE get your full body check up done before starting the most joyful journey of your life because a healthy you will reproduce a healthy child. Remember full body check up includes your mouth too which is equally vital. Prepare for this precious moment even better.

Its said that toothache is more worse than labor pain, so stay away from it. Don't let your lack of awareness ruin your most cherished experience of the blessing of becoming a mother. This journey is worth enjoying and you don't deserve to go through any sufferings if you are a healthy mother.

Now that you are aware of the dental facts related to pregnancy, don't make your poor oral health a case of shear neglect. Consult your Gynecologist and Dentist and have a blooming pregnancy. Enjoy every moment of your most unique and precious journey.