As our nation is embrassing more of western culture day by day it is necessary to mould our body for that culture too. Lot of us are now aware that how our diet is so fat rich and unhealthy. to compensate that we are doing some form of exercises to keep our body fit. so overall general health awareness has increased comparatively. but how about "Dental Health"????

It is sad that dental health is still most neglected in our country. and the worst part is , it has nothing to do with time or money. its just "lack of awareness". for example ; the autorickshaw driver has better oral hygiene than businessman driving a BMW. 

Luckily we are able to ignore dental problems because its most of them are not emergency or life threatning . but all minor dental problem will certainly give you sleepless night and big hole in your pocket if ignored at initial stage.

Lets understand it how ignoring dental health can give you sleepless night:

If we notice a small black dot in teeth or blood from gums or any other small issues like that which is not giving you pain or discomfort, we usually tend to avoid it. we dont visit dentist. these small problems if identified at early stage can be treated with minimal treatment , time and pain. If we neglect it and wait till pain starts or any other problems occur, then its time for some major treatment. which will consume your time more in terms of multiple visit for treatment and also the discomfort.

Lets understand it in the language we all love" MONEY";

If we have follow up visit to dentist regularly, or visit dentist at early stage of problem then it can definitely save you a lot of money. regular visit to dentist can help identify the problem at early stage and which can be treated with small procedures which doesnt cost much. Teeth cleaning and check up a year will keep your dental health proper and steady for years and years. but if we avoid these small problem and wait till pain comes then starts all big and time consuming and most important "COSTLY" dental treatment.

Which we further avoid due to time or financial concerned and the situation just get worst and worst. 

How to maintain dental health?

  1. Dont neglect any small or unusual problem happening in mouth or teeth.
  2. Visit dentist at least once a year.
  3. Try to consider and accept treatment at early stage advised by dentist, it will definitely save you a lot of time time,pain and money.
  4. Though they are in large numbers 32 (teeth), don't ignore if you have one or two missing, get it replaced.

Thank you.