Yes, It is true!

Everyone is terrified of dentists & dental pain..but yet simple precautions are overlooked, till the dreaded dental pain makes you cry and wince!

Cavities in simple language is rotting of your teeth, meaning softening of hard tooth surface due to acid/ toxins produced by micro organisms. These micro organisms (bacteria) harbour on tooth surfaces due to food lodgement/improper cleaning. And as these toxins reach the nerve(pulp) of the tooth, you are already in pain.

Simple habits, like rinsing with water after every meal (even after having tea/coffee) has effectively shown 50% reduction in cavities. You might say it doesn't look nice rinsing in office or in party or while travellings. But you don't have to! Just a gulp of drinking water, sqoosh around and drink, it will not look impolite!

Second habit would be brushing at night. Yes it's a basic thing. But just think are there times when you miss, or your child throws tantrums? Make it a family thing. The whole family brushing in the night. Including you, your spouse and child. It will be a fun activity!

Use of fluoridated toothpastes is recommended, unless your dentist changes your toothpaste. A high use of herbal toothpastes have been seen, due to catchy advertisements and celebrities, but as fluoride is absent in herbal (100% vegetarian) toothpastes, cavities are a high risk. Consult your Dentists for the same.

Last, but not the least, make bi-annual visit to your dentist for early detection of cavities and prevention. Hopefully next time you will smile back at your dentist for his hard work too. :)