There are generally two ways to replace your missing teeth ie. fixed or removable dentures. 

As per the study most of the patients will a prefer fixed denture as they are comfortable to feel and eat.

Removable Dentures are generally uncomfortable and don't suit most of the patients because of their size,allergy or gag reflex.

Five out ten people refuse to wear removable dentures as they are not able to adjust with and hence remain unused.

A dental bridge or Fixed partial denture involve support of your adjacent fit teeth to replace a single or multiple teeth by slight trimming.

Two adjacent teeth are trimmed and used as a support

This a traditional technique being used since many years now as it is comfortable and anyday better than removable dentures.

Dental Implants are even better when it comes to replacement of missing teeth as they do not involve trimming the adjacent teeth which are otherwise fit and also feels much more normal.

Dental Implant surgery is painless and done under local anaesthesia after proper evaluation of area involved where a biocompatible titanium implant is placed in a healthy bone.

Healing process takes 3-6 months after which the final prosthesis or crown is placed over the implant.

When done by an expert and experienced dentist Implant surgery is not as painful or complicated as it sounds when you hear about it or see the videos.

Dental implants though expensive are best in long term as most of the manufacturers give you lifetime warranty and sometimes the only option to replace your missing teeth.