Dehydration: In simple words, it occurs when you use or lose more fluids than you have consumed in,  and ur body doesn't have enough water/other fluids to carry out it's normal functions. If you don't replace lost fluids,  you will get dehydrated. As the temperature is going up even above 47 degrees,  we have to be more cautious and take care of the following:1. Drink more and more fluids like lemonades/Glucon C/D, ORS, Roohafza, Tang, fresh fruit juices, coconut water, plain water and other hygienic/potable drinks to keep urself sufficiently hydrated. 2. Avoid going out in open as u may get affected by heat stroke. 3. Wear full sleeves clothes, cover ur head with a cap, use shades/goggles; while going out. 4. Take only light food/diet and avoid having oily/heavy food.  Consume more Curd/lassie/chaas/lemonade/ roohafza and others drinks. 5. Take special care of kids and old aged people. They are prone to get hit by the heat stroke easily. *PLEASE DON'T TAKE ANY MEDICINE WITHOUT CONSULTATION OF THE DOCTOR.  SELF MEDICATION MAY BE HARMFUL. Visit SHUKLA HOMOEOPATHIC CLINIC for any medical assistance,  if required and consult your own family doctor Dr.  Shalini Shukla (BHMS).SHUKLA HOMOEOPATHIC CLINICSHOP NO. 15, GALAXY ROYALE SHOPPE, OPP. AISHWARYAM APPTTS., Adjacent to VVIP Homes, GAUR CITY-2, GREATER NOIDA WEST