Hello friends, most of us are not aware of some important things about our oral cavity. First thing we all must understand is about plaque which is a thin layer on the tooth. Most of us know till this. But what will happen if we leave the plaque like that for some days is a question for you.

Well, Plaque is an organised layer filled with so many micro organisms and nutrients with an interconnecting community. It can be removed only by mechanical aid. That is why we brush and floss our teeth. If you leave some areas of your oral cavity untouched you will land up in trouble. What happens next?

This Plaque will take up calcium and gets hardened forming a hard calcific structure called CALCULUS. If we do not remove this it will progress into the gum tissue and starts destroying the bone and surrounding tissues around the tooth. Subsequently tooth will become loose and shed off. 

Here is a way to stop it-

DEEP CLEANING: It is a procedure where we go deep inside the gums and clean the debris to halt the destruction process. It is a simple non surgical procedure where patients need not worry at all. 

Why most of us neglect to get it done because during the destruction we will not be able to make it at all. It is a slow killing process.  By the time you realise the destruction tooth becomes loose and sheds off.

PLAQUE can be removed by brushing and flossing

CALCULUS cannot be removed by you. You need a dentist to get rid of it.

DEEP CLEANING is entirely dental office procedure to stop your gum disease 

Meet your dentist and get this destruction stopped. Thank you