Mr. Balraj and his wife came along with his son Mr.Rohin aged 14 yrs doing IX th std in Pvt school. 

They presented chief complaints that his son was using mobile games and getting adamant, irritated, tensed, sedative, social isolation, aggressive, sleep decline, concentration difficulties, not regular to school, sleep during the class hours.

Recently he started to beat his mother for not giving her mobile number for playing Video Games. She faces this kind of distress situation for almost 1 yr when her husband bought a new phone to her as a birthday gift. She tried to control his son but failing repeatedly to change his behaviour. 

On analysis, Mr. Rohin is addicted to video gaming for almost 1 yrs. He was persistently using mobile to play games. This leads him to impair his academic performance. There are many students have been addicted to Video gaming like Mr. Rohin, which is not noticed by most of the parents.

What is this Video game addiction:

It is a behavioural addiction characterised by excessive use of video games that interferes with a person daily activities. 

Symptoms of addiction:

1. These students are preoccupied with videos games, they think about previous gaming activity.

2. Gaming becomes the dominant activity.

3. Withdrawal symptoms when videos gaming is taken away like irritability, anxiety or sadness.

4. They spend increasing amounts of time engaging in videos games.

5. They will lose interest in previous hobbies and entertainment.

6. They will deny with family members, therapist regarding the usage.

7. They use videos games to escape from a negative mood.

8. They lose the relationship, educational or career opportunity because of participation in video games.

These video gaming addictions can be mild, moderate or severe depending up the degree of disruption on normal activities.

The above are features in which the students may get addicted to videos games.

How is Video gaming addicted developed:

Basically most of the parents give their smart/android phone to their kid considering as toy;motivate them to play and they do their work without noticing that he/she is slowing getting addicted.


What Parents can do:

1. We the parents must be first role model for our kids, We must be minimize the usage when they are with us.

2. If you give you give mobile to them, first instruct that they have to return it back in 5 minutes.

3. Kids may ask mobile, when they are left alone, so make them engaged, play outdoor game with them.

4. Be in a Joined family so there is less chance to play video games as they more with grant parents and others.

5. Don’t use harsh words if they over use then restricted time, try to educate them with calmly about usage hazards.

6. Smart Phone can be prohibited during family meals.

For students:

1. The video games will take to addiction which is called internet gaming disorder.

2. Your academic performance with get declined gradually. Irritation increases.

3. Chance of getting depression and anxiety in specific and impact your behaviour.

If things is not working out, you can refer to Psychologist and not psychiatrist for behavioural intervention.