We ain’t picture perfect but we are all worth the picture".

Smile is universally known as the expression of happiness, which is recognized by all cultures around the world. Moreover smile has a positive effect on your well being. A smile can brighten up not just your day, but the others around you as well. Did you know that a healthy set of teeth is not only aesthetically pleasing but an awesome way to boost self-confidence too.

The day has come, the day you may have been ready for months even years to get your braces taken off and the thrill is 100%. The very first thing you might be considering taking a selfie or have somebody take an image of you with your new fabulous smile. 

Orthodontic treatments are often more comfortable and take less time than they did before. Wondering how to get those crooked teeth fixed once and for all? Is the empty space between your teeth bothering you? Do you have to keep deleting the photos of yourself because of your smile?

Orthodontic treatment is a lifetime, long term investment for a beautiful smile. Too many people consider crooked teeth as just an aesthetic issue, but it so much more than that. It affects so many parts of your health and causes a lot of pain and costs you a lot of money later in life.  

Having your smile corrected with braces not only improves your oral health but overall health as well. Crooked or misaligned teeth can lead to problems eating and speaking. These are daily functions you take for granted.

And the most common question, at what age should I get braces? This is a topic of much debate amongst parents and one of the most common about braces encounter. What is the right age for braces? The truth is that there is no universal age at which all who are going to get braces should get braces. Some can start very early even as preteens. Others will need or will want to wait until they are much older. 

Having a healthy smile sets you on a path of having a healthy life. As with most things in life an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s important to keep in mind that when we talk about teen braces, we are not just about one with metal brackets and wires. While it’s true that traditional braces are still a popular choice among teens. Generally speaking, the earlier the intervention, the easier it will be to correct your teenager’s teeth. The earlier you start, the more options you may have when determining what types of teen braces we will use and how long your child will need to undergo orthodontic treatment