If you fancy a pregnancy pick-me-up, creating your own home spa could be the answer. All you need is a few pampering products and a bit of imagination. Indulge yourself to get rid of any stress or pregnancy fatigue!

1. Build the atmosphere 

Plan this home spa when you have a few hours to yourself. Make your bathroom and bedroom as tranquil as possible by tidying away clutter. Dim the lights, set up some scented candles and play some relaxing music to enhance your mood. Have some fluffy bath towels handy to wrap around yourself.

2. Head massage 

Few things are as relaxing as a head massage. If you don't have someone to give you a massage, you can give one to yourself. Choose an oil whose sent doesn't turn your stomach and that washes out easily. Let the oil soak into your scalp as you do your other relaxing beauty treatments.

3. Cleanse 

Gently sweep away any make-up or grime from the day with a mild cleansing lotion and cotton wool. Try to find products which are free of alcohol. Alcohol tends to dry out your skin.

4. Give your skin a rosy glow 

Use a face wash to get the blood rushing to your cheeks. Wet your face with warm water, massage in the face wash in a circular motion, and then rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a soft towel.

5. Try a face pack 

Face packs come in all colours and textures, to suit all pockets and skin types. You may choose a mask that rinses or peels off as per your wish. Some masks have exfoliating elements, others are made to be used after you have exfoliated the skin beforehand with a face scrub. Apply the mask generously onto your face, wait a few minutes and then rinse or peel off.

6. Enjoy a soothing eye mask 

While your face pack is on, you may want to treat your eyes. Good old-fashioned cucumber (kheera) slices are cooling and refreshing. Cotton soaked in rose water (gulab jal) is also refreshing and smells lovely. If you are looking to relax, soak the cotton balls in cooled chamomile tea instead!

7. Have a bath 

Next, have a warm shower. The warm water will soothe aches and pains and relax your tired muscles. After the bath, wrap up in a big soft towel.

8. Exfoliate 

While having your bath, you can get rid of dead skin cells with a nice exfoliating scrub or brush. Pay special attention to elbows and knees, which are usually coarser than the rest of your skin. Also scrub the soles of your feet to get soft heels and prevent them from cracking.

9. Moisturise 

After you are exfoliated and have dried off the bath water, spend a few minutes moisturising your body with a rich cream. Take special care over your feet – they deserve a good massage. Cocoa butter feels indulgent and gorgeous, or you could try an unscented lotion if your skin is feeling sensitive.

10. Do a manicure and pedicure 

Your nails will be soft after all that bathing. Now is a good time to shape or file them. Apply a pretty-coloured nail polish on your nails. Relax while you leave them to dry.

11. Fall asleep 

By now, you should be feeling so relaxed and soothed that it's time to blow out those candles and go to sleep. Sweet dreams! Zzzzz.