The world is experiencing a transition to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic which is completely unprepared and unprecedented. The recent changes have tipped off the balance for every section of the society. In today's article, we will first understand the general impact of pandemic and lockdown on all of us. 


The restructured lives seem to be burdening different groups (GENERAL POPULATION OR VULNERABLE ONES) with their own unique challenges. The current period of lockdown is going to challenge the human psyche of every being. The mental health burden is going to be higher in groups with preexisting medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, asthma), pre-existing psychiatric/psychological disorders, substance use disorders, immune-compromised individuals, etc.  This would cause mental health symptoms like higher rates of anxiety, nervousness, fear of contaminating with the illness, repeated washing of hands, constant reassurance-seeking behaviors, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, excessive worry, feeling helplessness, social isolation, etc.

The general population is also at a higher risk of vulnerability to mental health challenges due to numerous reasons. Most of these could be boredom, extensive exposure to COVID-19 related information, poor demarcation of work-life, limitation on the choice of leisure activities, limited options in one’s usual routine, fear of infection leading to compulsive cleaning rituals, uncertainty about future regarding major fronts- job, finances and family well-being and lack of personal space. 

Further, in the video below, I have covered the following topics:

1. Mental stability during pandemic and lockdown

2. What are the strategies to deal or cope with mental stress and problems

In conclusion, these times are difficult; helping one another and being kind to all around us will help us maintain our mental stability in the current time.