With increasing awareness about dental health and dental esthetics, more and number of patients are seeking orthodontic care. Parents want their children to start orthodontics or braces at the right age, typically 10- 12 years. Teens and adults who missed the right time get their teeth aligned and smiles corrected when they know the benefits a good smile and healthy teeth offer in the long run. Today with the availability of clean aligners like INVISALIGN, in India, braces shy adults do not look back to get the smile they will always be proud of. Customized lingual braces bonded on the inner side of teeth also made braces invisible to others and orthodontic treatment discreet. 

As the orthodontic patient pool has increased, so are the orthodontists who are offering these services. Thanks to mushrooming of private dental colleges offering orthodontics as PG curriculum, many could successfully obtain a post-graduate degree in Orthodontics, by paying a huge sum, irrespective of the quality of PG training. Additionally, there are general dentists who have attended weekend courses given by someone, are offering orthodontics at their clinics. Those dentists do not have enough skills and knowledge about orthodontics, call other orthodontists to their clinic, who come once a week or once a month to treat the patients and dentists share the fees with orthodontists. These so-called visiting orthodontists keep hopping from clinic to clinic and collecting mullah whatever the dentist has given them. 

Biggest question which patients have is what is the cost of orthodontic treatment. The answer is simple. Cost of the orthodontic treatment is the same as how much you value your smile and health of your teeth. The science of orthodontics is based on dynamics of teeth, facial bones and soft tissues. While everyone seeks improvement in these, no one thinks of the level of improvement you need. Orthodontics has the capability to give you the masticatory system which will function well in harmony with your jaw muscles and TMJ, which will be easy to clean and maintain, and which will not only look good but also make your face attractive many folds. This is good orthodontics. 

Good orthodontics can be offered by only good orthodontists. Good orthodontists are focused on their work. They have sufficient time to give to each patient. They maintain proper records, they have an accurate diagnostic protocol. They are thinkers who brainstorm with several available treatment options before they decide the best suitable one for their patients. They are very skilled doctors who understand the importance of each step in diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment execution. 

Good orthodontists know their worth and work really hard to give you the set of teeth and face you will be proud of for life. Normally patient look at orthodontic treatment as a commodity and tend to compare prices offered for metal braces, ceramic braces etc. But they don't understand that the braces are sold by the companies that manufacture them, orthodontist sells you a beautiful and healthy smile. This is a very specific skill and art which will differ from orthodontist to orthodontist. Respect the orthodontist's skill and expertise. Do not compare with others.

So what is the right cost for braces? I would say that while most will offer you a reasonable cost for the braces, very few will give you a smile that is priceless. While saving few thousands may be a good financial decision, but sacrificing a beautiful smile and healthy teeth for few thousands is a not a good life decision.