Staying in shape is definitely hard. It doesn’t only have to be a unregulated food habits but also an overall lifestyle people are following nowadays that effect weight. Many are busy with desk jobs while the others though have standing jobs still are very much stagnant at one particular position, and adding these all up with the unhealthy food that people are forced to eat with the fast life they are following, generally makes people go out of shape.

Cryolipolysis- the saviour: Yes as the name says cryo-lipolysis is definitely a life saviour for those who find it difficult to stay in shape. It is a gift by two dermatologists namely Dr. Dieter Manstein who is a MD, PhD and Dr. R. Rox Anderson, who is also a MD, at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine of the Massachusetts General Hospital. This particular treatment is done so that one can get rid of the fat which is de-shaping their body. This particular treatment involves freezing of fat cells and changing them in to ice crystals. The temperature is almost brought down to -3 or -4 degree Celsius and the fat cells of particular area are frozen. This process is followed by series of shockwaves and which helps in breaking down of the fat tissues.

Advantages of the Cryolipolysis:

There are a series of advantages to the cryolipolysis. These particular advantages are as follows:

  • Firstly this procedure helps in reducing and excluding the fat cells which are too stubborn to remove.
  • This process helps one look shaped and toned, thus allowing one to wear almost any and every of their favourite dresses.After this procedure one can feel very much confident on themselves.
  • This particular procedure also helps in shaping a particular area which always managed to look the oddest to be a part of one’s body.
  • The best part of going through this particular procedure is that there is no tension of needles, or any operation, or any kind of bleeding.
  • Also with the help of this procedure only the fat tissues or the fat cells are damaged and liquefied, where as the other surrounding tissues remain as healthy as they were.
  • This particular procedure helps one achieve their perfect body without any lagging or sagging skin to it

One can always choose this procedure if they want to re-shape their body. This is extremely safe and sound and has a 100% work guarantee. This treatment is available at our clinic at Green Park. You can visit our website for more queries