Started getting lot of frantic calls from my patients all over the world about an article published in TOI stating that new drug group called SGLT2 inhibitors caused harm to some patient and thought of clearing the air around it!

This new class of drug allows the kidneys to throw out excess glucose in urine and thereby reduces blood glucose levels. It is very useful in type 2 diabetes (T2DM). It works independent of insulin secretion by pancreas. Hence it can't lead to hypoglycemia i.e low sugar. It also leads to lowering of blood pressure and makes you loose 3 to 4 Kg weight with inch loss! It is a very useful drug and very harmless too when used in T2DM judiciously. 

While throwing out glucose in urine, this drug leads to loss of water from body to the tune of 400 ml per day. For this reason if it is used in patients who are vomiting or dehydrated due to inadequate intake like in medical or surgical illnesses, loose motions etc. then this drug can lead to medical emergency called DIABETIC KETO ACIDOSIS (DKA). 

This was the crux of article published . Hence nothing to worry in properly chosen T2DM patient. Three main drugs in this class are EMPAGLIGLOZIN, CANAGLIFLOZIN and DAPAGLIFLOZIN. All of them work similarly and are used carefully with excellent results. 

So, patients on this drugs need not worry but can consult their respective doctors for more information.