Kids are not miniature adults, they are totally different from adults. Yes, they also suffer from all types of dental problems like cavities, irregular teeth, bleeding from gingiva, bad breath, broken teeth, etc. They are small and generally do not accept the dental treatment easily. They should not be left untreated as it can lead to early loss of milk teeth and early decay of permanent teeth. Each milk tooth is also equally important as permanent teeth.

Like if your child suffers from any fever or congestion or any other type of systemic problem, you always take him to the Pediatrician and not the general physician, because you know that the way Pediatrician will treat your child none other can.

Similarly, for dental problems in kids you need to see good Pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentist is the one who has been specially trained for treating dental problems of kids they may suffer from their birth to adolescence.

The dental problems in children though look like same as in adults but their treatment is totally different for children. 

Pediatric dentist is well trained and equipped with different techniques and materials which are needed for your child’s good dental treatment. Moreover, they know well how to  manage different type of children. You do not want your child to forcefully accept the treatment and become frightened rather they should willfully accept the treatment and be happy after that. And this is possible only if you take him to the Pediatric dentist.

So whenever your child has his first milk tooth erupted you should take him to a Pediatric dentist who can not only treat but can prevent many of the dental problems in children before inception.