Consequences of tooth/teeth loss

In my practice everyday i find patients who have missing tooth/teeth since a long time and did not bother to get the replacement done because of that they already develop a lot of problem. So, I just thought to share the consequences caused to other teeth due to the missing ones.

In short, missing tooth/teeth gives you:

  • Ugly smile
  • Makes you look older than your age
  • Loss of bone at the site
  • Drifiting of the adjacent teeth
  • Over eruption of the opposing tooth
  • Decays
  • Inefficiency in chewing food
  • TM Joint problem

Missing teeth/tooth not only gives you an ugly smile and affects the aesthetics of your face by creating lots of gaps between teeth hence the skin of the face becomes unsupported and sags making you look older. Missing teeth can lead to the loss of bone at the site of the gap, the remaining adjacent and opposing tooth gets drifted to the gap,loosing the alignment and making it more difficult to chew your food properly affecting  your general health and digestion, causing lot of diseases e.g. hyperacidity, constipation and severe cases peptic ulcers. Sometimes this improper alignment of a tooth can lead to the stress in the jaw joint(Temporomandibular Joint) which also lead to pain in front of ear every time you eat and sometimes a chronic headache. Improper alignment of teeth makes unnatural gaps between them which causes the food accumulation leading to the decay in the teeth. Replace your missing teeth with  Dental Bridge or  Dental Implants.

Sometimes the bone loss at the site of missing tooth is so much that even it becomes difficult to place an implant (mostly in the upper jaw). In such cases, we have to opt for bigger implants called zygomatic implants.

Get your missing tooth/teeth replaced as soon as possible!