In our country because of oral negligence, by adulthood, most of the people have already lost 2 to 3 or more teeth, this result in the compromised chewing pattern. The result of early loss of teeth are as follows :1. Imbalance in biting / chewing.2. Migration of opposing or adjacent tooth leading to loss of or obliterate space of missing tooth / teeth.3. Frequent food lodgement in teeth leads to decay.4. Bone loss in the area of no teeth ( disuse atrophy ).5. Gum health deterioration.6. Jaw joint disorder like clicking sound of jaw joint.7. Systemic problem like indigestion, weight loss etc.And above all are the consequences of premature loss of teeth.To prevent all these mentioned things, early replacement of missing tooth is mandatory.Methods of replacement of missing teeth1) Implants

Implant Supported Denture

2) Bridge.

3) Cast partial Denture.