Development of liposuction technique has proved to be a boon in the world of cosmetic surgery. It is widely used in contouring, reshaping, and sliming of different body parts especially limbs and face. But there are also certain risk and complications associated with it. Some of them are listed below:

Loose Skin

Loose skin is usually seen in places where a large amount of fat is removed. Skin becomes saggy and contour irregularities are apparent due to uneven fat removal. Liposuction may also lead to worsening of cellulite if proper precautions are not taken after surgery. In these cases, another skin tightening surgery may be required.


Infections are common whenever you go under the knife. Antibiotic is given after surgery and should be taken as prescribed by your practitioner. Severe infections can also become life-threatening. If you notice discharge, swelling, and pain in the surgical area, inform your surgeon immediately.

Thermal Burns

Thermal Burns can occur in Ultrasound or Laser-assisted liposuction procedures that lead to loss of the upper layer of skin, redness and patchy skin. If not severe, it can be cured without scars. But if severe, it may require more aggressive treatment.

Cardiopulmonary complications

Surgeries are also associated with cardiopulmonary complications like deep vein thrombosis. In these cases, blood clots are formed within vessels and dislodge to block an important artery. This leads to failure of that organ. It is an emergency condition and gives no important sign until it’s too late.

The risks associated with these surgeries are usually discussed prior to surgery. It is important to ask all your queries before from your plastic surgeon before giving your consent.