Do you remember your make up kits?

A walk to your mirror

When it was the time for an outing?

A time to get ready..

Pamper your skin!

And the Last minute preparation?

Here are a few tips on Development of beauty.

The very first step one should do while facial make-up is to wash the face with luke-warm water and then wipe it with a soft cloth, apply some oil softly and then again wash with soap and luke warm water.

Then one need to apply a moisturizing cream and a little of face powder, preferably with a put instead of one’s hands and spread it over to the neck, so as the complexion of the face matches with the neck skin.

Now the lips, be cautious to wash and wipe your lips before applying any shade on it. Then put a little cream over it and then proceed with the application of the preferred shade, which suits your complexion with a lip brush.


It is much better if a out-line is made and after that a final touch by pressing the lips together.

An eye being the most expressive special care is to be taken while doing any make-up over it.

After applying powder to the face make a thin line of kajal in the lower part of the eyes, put a little oil to the lashes and make a thin line in the upper part of the eyes.

The Cheek Bone- Apply very lightly in the mid cheeks and then very lightly massage them while they mix with powder.

Cheek care 

Hair- Before any hairdo hairs need to be washed thoroughly with shampoo. After drying the hair, a single plait should be made or a bun or any other hairstyle suiting the attire is preferred.

Hair Care 

Body Massage- In order to maintain the softness of the skin body massage is very much essential.

Before taking bath, the body should be well massaged by mustard oil or some other medicated oil. After massage, it is very much important to have a Sun Bath for at-least half an hour. After which the body is to be wiped with a towel, to help good blood circulation.

In spite, of the beauty and perfection which a girl posses it is very essential to have a regular balanced diet.

So, here is your complete guide to the last minute hustle and bustle to all your problems.