Relationship is very essential for successful and happy life. And communication is a top most essential key to relationship. Be it a relationship between parent and child, husband and wife, between siblings and friends and etc, communication is significant. The give and take process is much carried out through communication. Everybody wants to be listened and to be understood when communicating. And if there is a lack of communication, the relationship gets into trouble and ultimately it may be stressful.

Just like oxygen is important for life, similarly communication is essential for sustaining a relationship.

Thus, few ways to enhance your communication for better relationships are:

  • Face to face talk
  • If not able to talk, then covey your massage by other means via letter, text or emails
  • Taking responsibility for your own emotions like anger while talking
  •  Listen and then speak in response to the situation
  • Respond instead of reacting while communicating.
  • Don’t get into a conclusion without verifying the facts- and then communicate.

Hence, during communication if these elements are considered, will help you to nourish your relationship and also will help to increase the bonding and intimacy.

“Communication is the solvent of all problems;

therefore communication skills are the foundation 

for personal development.” 

- Peter Shepherd