If you are experiencing skin problems or hair-related problems, olive oil can be used as an effective and natural remedy. Olive oil can be used in different forms for different purposes, which not only pertain to the skin and hair.

Here is a list of the most common ways olive oil may be used:

1. Hair conditioner: If your hair are dry and brittle, you may use olive oil as a natural hair conditioner. You should apply heated olive oil to your hair, cover it with a plastic bag and wrap a towel around your head.

2. Clearing acne: Olive oil can be effective in treating or improving several skin conditions. Acne may be cleared by applying a paste of olive oil and salt. You have to apply this paste to your face, leave it for some time and rinse it off with water. By continuing this process, you will be able to improve your acne condition. The salt helps in cleaning the pores via exfoliation and the olive oil helps in restoration of the skin’s natural moisture.

3. Shaving cream: Olive oil can be used as an alternative or substitute for shaving cream. Applying it on your face before shaving makes the blade glide smoothly. Your skin gets moisturized as well.

4. Cleaning greasy hands: Olive oil can be used to remove car grease or paint from your hands. You have to prepare a mixture of olive oil and salt or sugar. This mixture should be rubbed all over your hands and washed off with soap and water. As a result, your hands become clean and soft.

5. Removing paint from hair: Olive oil can be used for effective removal of paint from your hair. You should put some olive oil to a moist cotton ball and rub it onto your hair. Mascara can also be removed using this method.

6. Polishing furniture: Olive oil is very effective in polishing wooden furniture. You must mix olive oil with white vinegar or lemon juice and put it in a spray bottle. Apply this spray on your furniture, leave it applied for some time and wipe it with a cloth or paper towel. You can also apply olive oil directly on a paper towel and wipe off the excess oil. Polishing of your furniture can be carried out using this method. The lost luster and finish of old furniture get enhanced.Olive oil is available in all stores, in bottles.