It’s hard to pinpoint a particular year to be the one when puberty hits a growing child or teenager. In girls, it is the time when the brain causes the sex hormones to be released in the ovaries. While the normal age range is 12-15, nowadays, it even starts at the age of 8-9.

There are certain changes in the body during this period, which can initially worry the girl(s) and even their parents, Dr Bimla Bansal says. But it is really important to normalise these changes so that the girls do not suffer from lack of confidence and lose really important education years.

So, here’re some of the most common changes which can be expected in Girls during Puberty, which should arise no worries:

  • The onset of periods or menstruation. However, in the first year, it can be irregular and should cause no real worry.
  • The development of breasts.
  • The growing of armpit and pubic hair.
  • In some girls, pimples might show up due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Changes in sexual organs.
  • There’s a growth spurt where girls grow taller and bigger within a short span of time.
  • Widening of hips.
  • Social and emotional changes. (It is really important for parents to support their children during this stage rather than shaming them.)

While in some these changes show up early, some might experience it a bit late. But if you think something is medically improper with your child, it is best to visit a Gynaecologist and get normal tests done to be sure.