Becoming a parent is something which every couple wishes to, but there are many unlucky couples in this world whose dreams got shattered because of infertility problems.  Are you among those couples who wishes are still not answered because of such problems? There is nothing to feel bad as there are doctors specialized in Infertility problem treatment, and they can help you to make your dream come true.  In what circumstances you will get an idea that you may be suffering from infertility problems?  In below-mentioned cases, the reasons can be infertility problem.

  • Unable to conceive after trying for nearly 1 year:  If both you and your spouse are trying for a baby for more than a year and still not succeed then it can be a sign of infertility problem. Meet your doctor for advice and checkup.
  • Irregular Periods or missed period: Lack of regular periods, heavy periods or even missed periods can be a sign of female infertility problem. Take suggestion and Infertility problem treatment from your doctor to regularize the periodic cycle. It may help in improving your funicular cycle leading to pregnancy.
  • Low sperm count: This is one of the biggest infertility reasons which are depriving many couples of having their child. Medical treatments are now available which can improve the sperm count to a great extent enhancing the chance of pregnancy.
  • PCOS: Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a big issue for the female of this generation. There are various things responsible for this problem like poor lifestyle, poor eating habits, stress, anxiety and it can be family history too.  Exercises, change in food habits and lifestyle along with stress management can help to cope up with this infertility problem causing fewer eggs or poor quality eggs in the female.
  • Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation: This is one of the key reasons for having failed sexual intercourse with a partner. Time attention and guidance of doctor can cure or reduce the propensity of this problem to a great extent.

There are several other infertility causes which need critical investigation and treatment and can be cured. Meet a sexologist today!