To visualize the entire colon terminal ileum.

                Who should undergo this procedure?

                    *  Bleeding per Rectum

                   *  Persistent Left iliac pain

                   *Significant weight loss

                   *Altered bowel habits

                   *  Chronic Amoebiasis

                   Colon cancera serious but highly curable malignancy

                   Polypsfleshy tumors which usually are the forerunners

                                                   Of colon cancer.


                Colitis (ulcerative or Crohns) chronic,recurrent inflammation

                                                     Of the colon

                   Diverticulosis and diverticulitispockets along the intestinal wall that

                  develop over time and can become infected

                   Bleeding lesions – bleeding may occur from different points in the colon

                   Abdominal symptoms such as pain or discomfort,particularly if associated 

                                                    With weight loss or anemia