This is the case of gap closure of 28 yr young female. Earlier she closed the gap with composite from other dentist, now it was broken. I suggested her four  option to close gaps . My patient opted for third option because of its more aesthetic value and long life as compared to previous one.

1)  With Braces or Aligners  - Duration 12 months . According to me this is the best way of reducing the gaps between teeth .Its not only close the gap but even it brings the teeth in proper alignment. Since the gap is closed by bringing teeth close to each other, it maintains the health of teeth for longer duration. The only disadvantage is it takes more time , not immediate as compare to other three option mentioned below. In all three options mentioned below needed maintenance as  your dentist is adding artificial material, which is not as strong as your healthy enamel. Whatever the material used has its own life has wear and tear so needs to be replaced after few years.

2) Composite laminate -duration one sitting but life  and aesthetic isn't as good as ceramic laminates. Its the most conservative way of closing the gaps as dentist has to apply layer of composite on tooth structure  without reducing healthy enamel which is the requirement for ceramic laminates  , crowns.

3) Ceramic Laminates - duration 5 days it has more aesthetic value than composite. Life of ceramic laminate is better than composite. Dentist has to shape the tooth for placement of laminates.

4) Crown - duration 5 days . Its not very good way for closing the gap as dentist has to shape the tooth very aggressively. He has to remove healthy enamel while shaping tooth making it weak, reducing its strength